Saturday, February 20, 2010

Plato's contribution

Plato was one of those Greek philosophers that continue to influence much of what is practiced or said in today’s society. Plato was a thinker and through his thinking techniques he was able to acquire much from an individual therefore, he was a thinking educator. He made those that inquired knowledge from him to rethink their thought process to arise to a conclusion. He also believed that everyone should receive some type of education. He believed if a child was taken from its mother early that individual could be influenced by being cultivated from the state and grow up and become an active leading citizen. He was well known for what the state can do and how its influence on an individual’s life was important. As a result he did not believe that talent can be passed down from parent to child.
Plato believed in absolute truth. He believed that truth was one of those things that could not be changed or altered in any way and that it was eternal. He was also against materialism and believed that ideas and or forms were important. To him this was a good beginning for all truth. To Plato matter was always changing and was not reliable; in other words it was unstable. In order to understand forms one should take advantage of forms, be progressive and unselfish and at the same time renounce matter. To him people were ignorant and needed to escape illusions in order to help others.
Plato thought and idealism was that a person was born with true knowledge or forms but after birth being placed in this world that individual became corrupted. Once this happens then that person spends the rest of its life trying to seek out that truth. Everyone was a copy of something else and there was only one perfect entity and that was God. Therefore, all things originated from God and will lead back to God. Plato believed that the soul was like an exalted being that is not visible but exists before birth and continues to exist after death. His principle was evil is just what it is and could not be or exist be itself.
It was Plato that came up with the notion of 2+2=4, all due to his thinking or absolute. Due to this Plato made great contributions to natural philosophy, and science that are being practiced in the western education. He taught philosophy, mathematics and logics. His listening skills brought out the best in individuals. As a result Plato’s ideas are still important today.

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